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Birth Mother’s Day

I bet the vast majority of the people reading this post did not know there was a day called Birth Mother’s Day. It is celebrated the Saturday before Mother’s Day. It’s a day that we feel should be made known and celebrated because birth mother’s are truly amazing women.

A little history

Birth Mother’s Day was started in 1990 by actual birth mothers and was first celebrated in Seattle, Washington. It’s intent was to honor and support those women who made adoption plans for the children. Over the years, this day has changed a bit and is becoming a day to celebrate Birth Mothers. (Source:

What this day means to us

First of all, we think birth mothers are amazing women. They are selfless and put their child above everything else when choosing adoption. We can’t think of anything that isn’t more selfless and loving than that. They are not women who should be looked down upon, they should be hailed as heroes, supported and acknowledged. We have been blessed twice by birth mothers decisions to choose adoption. Words will never be able to convey our gratitude to them. You are amazing women!

How you can help

If you are reading this post, as a birth mother, know that you are a special person and one that is honored, respected and cherished. Please do not ever think that you are less than. You are NOT and never will be. You do not have to hide, there is nothing to be ashamed of in the loving decision you made.

If you are reading this post and know a birth mother, please tell them how special they are for choosing adoption. For far too long, society has shied away from acknowledging birth mothers and made them feel less than. This needs to change. They are mothers who made one of the bravest decisions anyone can ever make. They made that decision with dignity and love putting their child first.

If you are reading this post and do not know a birth mother, you can help change the way people see birth mothers by sharing that today is Birth Mother’s Day. Being willing to acknowledge the day and bring recognition to them.

Lastly, we want to say thank you to all birth mothers for choosing life. Allowing your child to grow and become world changers. Just as adoption has changed from closed to more open relationships between birth and adoptive families, Birth Mother’s Day has changed to a day of celebrating these mothers. We celebrate you today and everyday. You are part of the amazing adoption triad formed by love between two families that can never be broken.

Robert & McKenzie

Says Happy Birth Mother’s Day with pink flowers and a blue butterfly

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