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Calendar is cleared, what are we to do?

The calendar has been cleared due to Covid-19 so what shall we do with all of this time? Maybe something we have been putting off for a bit....


Well we have been putting it off for a bit. Partly because boys usually take longer to potty train and second, we weren’t quite sure if he was ready. However, recently he has been telling us when he uses the bathroom so we figured we might as well give it a try.

Here we go....

We started with a book (What’s a Potty For?) the night before and have been reading it frequently to help us understand the potty. As to be expected, our first day didn’t start out so well. There were a lot of accidents and when we went outside, it got even worse. However, when we came in from outside, something changed and he started telling us when he had to go. I’m not sure what happened. Curious to say the least but we will take it. He finished out the rest of the day like a champ. #Winning

Usborne Book What’s a Potty For?  Two kids on the front with their dog looking at a potty

The next several days were much better. Still a few accidents but overall much better. It feels like he is started to get the hang of it. Well except for bowel movements, eeek. This part is not going well at all. Kids are notoriously slow to train in this area so we were somewhat prepared but this is getting old. Lots of extra baths and laundry but we are committed to the training so we will just have to deal with it.

You know every time you think this is going to be easy, you get a wake up call. God for sure has a sense of humor, which is wonderful (since we are made in his image). It seems like we take two steps forward and one step back. We will have a great day of training in both areas and then the next day a regression. Potty training regression is a thing but this may just be continued training. He is really doing great overall. We are very thankful that we have time to work on this.


Potty training has been well interesting. He has done well with number one but number two is a battle. We just aren’t quite there yet and that’s okay. We have been reading “What is Poop” to try to help in this area. He actually loves this book but so far not much translation to himself. However, we will keep reading and asking. One day it will click, we just have to be consistent. We are thankful for this time to work on potty training. It has been fun to watch him figure it out and be excited about the potty. It might just take a little longer for number two but we know he will get it.

Usborne book What is Poop?  Front cover has elephant, fox, dog and boy looking at some poop (in a cute way)

PS I highly recommend these two books for introducing potty training. They have been great and interesting for us. They give facts as well so you can learn too. They have flaps which always makes things interesting for kiddos as well.

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