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Domestic & International

Adoption can be quite confusing so for this month we will be discussing different aspects of adoption. Today we will start with domestic and international adoption types.

Domestic Adoption

Domestic adoption refers to an adoption that takes place in the country where you live (for our purposes the United States). This can either be the adoption of an infant or a child and could be a private adoption or foster care adoption. So now we have introduced two new types of adoption. Private adoption is the adoption of a child (any age) where the birth parent(s) legally sign away their rights to parent the child. Many times this is facilitated with the help of an adoption agency but could only utilize an adoption attorney. Foster care adoption is the adoption of a child from the United States Foster Care System. Both private and foster care adoptions need to follow strict legal guidelines dependent on the state the adoption is taking place. It is in everyone's best interest to use adoption specific attorneys to avoid any legal issues during the adoption process.

Black and white map of the United States with each states initials

International Adoption

International adoption refers to an adoption that takes place outside of the country where you live (for our purpose outside the United States). Many times international adoptions are adoptions of children who are one year or older. International adoptions obviously require expertise in country specific legalities in addition to the United States requirements.

World map with countries in blue and background in white

Both types of adoption can take months or even years before a child is brought home. Adoption in most cases is not a quick or easy process. It takes a lot of patience and for us a lot of prayer. In addition, surround yourself with adoption professionals who you trust. Do your own research and interview them. If you feel comfortable with the people you work with, it will help make the process much easier.

We wanting an infant domestic adoption. We would love to speak with you if you or someone you know is considering adoption.

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