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Steps to Adoption: The Profile

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Part 4

Steps to adoption in pink and step 4 in black

Disclaimer: The steps I describe in this series are the steps we took toward adoption. This is our perspective on the steps to adoption.

I need some scary music to play or something as you click on this post. The Profile...probably one of the most intimidating parts of adoption. So let’s set the scene: you have figured out your finances, and you have chosen how you are going to adopt. Now you are in the process of completing your home study or it is complete. Your adoption agency or consultant is asking you to create an adoption profile.

What is an adoption profile? Basically it is an overview of you that is used to present to potential expectant mothers. It contains pictures and gives information about yourself, things you like, etc. You say that doesn‘t sound so bad and it’s not except for one part I haven’t mentioned. The expectant mother letter. This is very difficult to write. You want to say just the right thing so that she will pick you. There is a lot of pressure to get it right. The best advice is put yourself in her shoes and just be yourself. No one is perfect and expectant mothers pick adoptive parents for a wide variety of reasons. Write the letter, come back later and read it again, rewrite it again and again if you want but know in the end, you could be picked because you have the same interest in a certain subject. The point is the letter is important but do not stress yourself out because your entire adoption does not hinge on this letter.

Breathe and be yourself. You will be fine.

If you would like to see what a profile looks like, visit our website at

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