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Tell It Tuesday

Super Bowl 54

National Football League season is coming to an end. It will end with Super Bowl 54 on February 2, 2020. So this Tell it Tuesday will give you our Super Bowl 54 picks on who is going to win the big game.

Robert’s Pick

Well I don’t think you will have to guess too hard to figure out who Robert is going to pick to win this year’s Super Bowl. He has waited several years for his team to be back in this position. So for him for the final game is the Baltimore Ravens vs the San Francisco 49ers. This is a rematch from Super Bowl 47 where the Harbaugh brothers went against each other. Unfortunately for Robert, the 49ers lost to the Ravens 34-31. This year he is hoping for a different outcome and picking the 49ers to beat the Ravens 23-20 to be crowned Super Bowl champs.

San Francisco 49ers logo

McKenzie’s Pick

For the first time in a while, the Patriots did not make it out of the wild card round (thanks to my Titans). So this week the Titans get the unfortunate luck of facing the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens have looked great for much of the season and each opponent they face, they seem to dismantle piece by piece. I do not hold out much hope for my Titans but the great thing about the playoff is that anything can happen during one game. One team can be hot and the previous “hot” team can be cold as ice. However, I do not look for the Titans to make it out of the second round. With that being said, I’m going to support Robert’s team and pick the San FranCisco 49ers to win it all against the Ravens with a score of 34-28.

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