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Unofficially/Officially Summer!!

I don’t know about you but we are ready for some warmer weather. This year has been to say the least, strange. We are ready for playing in the water, being outside, listening to the birds sing, fireworks and much more. With Memorial Day passed, we can officially say summer has started at our house. We plan on playing outside a lot and hopefully some of our favorite water venues will open up as well. We also have a beach trip planned that we are so looking forward to. It will do our souls good to spend time at the beach.

However, most importantly, we plan to continue our adoption journey. We will continue to share on our Facebook page, posting online to try to make a connection and updating our blog. We might even try advertising on some adoption websites but we won’t quit.

So let’s go out and have some summer fun! Do what you love and live life to the fullest. The last few months have made us realize that intentionality is so important in what we do. So be intentional and make your best memories everyday.

Copy Let’s Go Summer with melons and oranges and pineapple images around the wording

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