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Chinese Lantern Festival

So what do you do when it’s in the high sixties at night in December? You go to the Chinese Lantern Festival you have been wanting to visit. There was a chance of rain but the temperature was 68 so we decided to take a chance. The rain held off and we couldn’t beat the temperature. We had so much fun exploring the different light displays.

Chinese lantern peach trees

This is the first light display when you walked in. The peach trees.

This is the Chinese dragon, tea house and temple to heaven.

The lily pads, flowers and Lion King.

The pictures truly do not do this justice. It was absolutely beautiful. Each display was made of a silk like material that appeared to be painted different colors. Some of the displays moved as well. So much fun and so glad we decided to take a chance on the weather. I will add a few more pictures below even though we have a lot more.

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