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Christmas Ornaments

Ornament 1

We have two Christmas trees in our house. One is a “memory” tree. This tree contains ornaments we have made from the time we were small to today. It also contains ornaments we have bought from places we have traveled. A few years ago, I decided to buy an ornament from the places we travel to help us remember where we have been and to also add to the tree, hopefully each year. This year, 2019, has brought us a few new ornaments. However, the first ornament I am going to discuss means a lot.

This is a giraffe from the New Orleans Zoo. We went there in August and had a great time. The zoo was one of our favorite places we visited. However, to me it means so much more. This ornament signifies being a stay at home mom. It was the first trip we took after I quit my job to stay home. It also signifies that we are now homeschooling. It means I get to be with my kids all day, not just in the evening and in the car as they are dropped off at school and day care.

I am beyond blessed to now be a stay at home mom. I have for many years dreamed of being able to do so and 2019 was finally the year. Staying home is a prayer answered. I love seeing what each day will hold and finding new things for us to conquer. We have great days and difficult days but I wouldn’t trade the days for anything.

Please remember us if you or someone you know is pregnant and considering adoption for their child. We would love to speak to them. Please visit our website at to learn about and contact us.

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